Biz Ops Bootcamp

Wondering what you need to do to set up an indie publishing business?

NINE Modules to Get All the Answers!

You will get a solid business foundation and the systems and structures in place to:

  • Protect your assets 
  • Minimize taxes
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce stress
  • Spend more time writing
  • Maximize profits

This Golden Age of Content Creation has created more authors that can write full time. This age offers more opportunity and profit than ever, but with this opportunity comes additional responsibilities, like running your publishing business, as a business. Not being a good business person, or classifying yourself as creative, does not relieve you of the duty to run a good company.  

Now you have the option to participate in a business course explicitly designed for the indie publishing business. Taking this course separates you into an elite group of authors that are prepared to be the CEOs of their publishing empire.  

  Ever wonder how that author who you might feel delivers a mediocre story makes a mid-six-figure income?  

  Simple he or she treated the business like a business and didn't let their fear or distaste of business stop them from learning. They use business practices to achieve their goals rather than let the fear be a limiting factor.

There are structures and systems to build wealth faster.

  The concepts are from the Book “The Business Owner's Compendium” and provide a methodology for the business owner to set up the right systems and structures to improve wealth creation. Built the right way, with these systems working in concert, your company will reduce our workload and more importantly create more wealth for you. The diagram to the left shows the systems and structures.

Implementing what I teach you will improve your personal wealth and lifestyle next year over this year, even if you revenues stay the same. 

Because you will have a business structure and system that maximizes your personal wealth, and that will produce higher cash flow to you on the same level of revenue. 

This course isn't for everyone!

The cold hard facts are less the 20% of all writers ever make more than $10,000 in their life from writing. The percentage to earn five figures or higher annually is even lower. This course is specifically designed for authors that are mid five figures annually and know that their business will blossom if they can get a handle on the business of writing.

Indie author cheat sheet


the business of writing

The facts are that over 80% of businesses support an individual or a family, and the owner has no formal business training. That means the majority of people responsible for running a business don't have the necessary tools and training to do their best Not having business skills puts you in the majority, not the minority.

You have an option that most do not. 

You can enroll in a course specfically designed for indie publishing. 

What Does This Course Include

Module 1: The Why

Intake and introduction module where you learn about implementing a wealth creation and preservation strategy. This is all about you learning to be the best CEO for this business, so the chief investor (you) can sleep at night.

Module 2

Module 2: Get Ready to Incorporate

Here we discuss the types of business structures and get you prepared to incorporate your business. The best type of charter and why. Yes, by the end of this process you will have set up a legal entity to protect your assets. Then you will put systems in place to operate the business. This might sound scary but by you doing this with my help, the mystery will be gone.

Module 3 biz ops bootcamp

Module 3: Ready, Set, Incorporation

This module walks you through the process of incorporating your business in your home state or a favorable state. This alone will save you a ton of time and fees. Best of all you know why it was set up for an indie publishing business.

Module 4: Taxes, Expenses & the IRS

Next, we will register your new company with the IRS so it has an EIN. We will elect to have your company treated as a sub-chapter S corporation for the most flexible a benefical tax treatment. 

Module 5:Getting Organized

This module covers your set up a record keeping and storage system that protects you against your own disorganized ways and in the case of a disaster.  

This organization will deliver systems to keep your record keeping and business processes in check.

Module 6: Documents & Agreements

Here you will get access to a range of boilerplate documents and agreements for running your publishing business. Basics like bank resolutions, and an operating agreement along with documents to use with vendors and collaborators.

This module includes the processes to set up operating agreements and registering your copyrights. 

There are loads of templates for you to use.

Module 7: Business Accounts

This module walks you through the process of getting your business accounts created and shows you how to use the free accounting software for your business.  

Upon completion, you will have set up all the necessary legal and tax structures as well as the associated accounts for your indie publishing business. Your business is up and running now we just need to point it in the right direction!

Module 8: Plan & Prioritize

The final module provides you the processes to manage your new business so that it works for you, not the other way around. You will set goals for the business, establish a plan, then know what action to take to hit the goal.  

Completion of this course will create the systems and set the direction for your business. You and your new company will be part of an elite group that has determined that they are going to create independent wealth through content creation. Congratulations!

Module 9: Deep Dive on Expenses

New Expanded Content

Expense strategies that will deliver real value. This module alone will pay for course in the taxes you save. Learn how to use the tax code to your benefit and maximize pre-tax expenses and post-tax cash flow.

I teach you to fish by getting you to catch that first fish! When you're done you will be a better business person and have your business set up. Best of all this isn't some vanilla create a business training. This course is designed specifically for indie publishing and provides you the same structures and risk protection, that I have set up for myself and top 100 authors.  

After completing this course you will have the plan and organization skills to operate a publishing business aligned with your goals. Best of all you will know what to do when, and how to keep the business running smoothly with maximum writing time.

Also Included is 

Closed Facebook group solely focused on the business side of writing

Access to our Basic Business File Vault  

These templates and swipe files provide the documentation for setting up an indie publishing business and covering the needs of corporate governance, tax registration, setting up a bank account, risk reduction and day to day operations.  

Operating Agreement Template Banking Resolution Template Non Disclosure Agreement Template One Page Business Planner Launch Budget Worksheet

An Indie Author, Entrepreneur & Business Strategist

You might have seen me hanging out in indie author forums or Facebook groups, or milling around at the 20Books Vegas Conference. I'm here to help you whip your author business into shape, STAT.  

No legalese or complicated corporate jargon. No hours upon hours of video fluff before you get to the good stuff. Just the information you need, broken down into eight concise sessions, each of which will leave you with at least one simple, actionable step to move your business forward.

 I'm Joe Solari

I work with top 100 authors on Amazon helping them build out back-office operations and high-level strategies to grow their brand. I'll let you in on a little secret— they, like millions of other business owners—struggled when it came to setting up their business. All of them would have benefitted from having the guidance we offer in this course at the start of their career, and maybe even made more money. Certainly, they would have saved time and headaches.  

My teachings draw from my twenty years experience in entrepreneurship and consulting with hundreds of business owners who struggled with the same problems you face. We'll give you the foundation that millions of entrepreneurs (not just authors) need to build a solid business. You will tap into the experience, tools, and systems I have developed to simplify operations, shortcut your startup, and achieve exceptional results.

What your fellow authors are saying ...

Craig Martelle

"I worked as a business consultant with Fortune 500 companies for seven years, but when I have a small-business question, I ask Joe Solari. He understands and will help you keep more of your hard-earned money."

Craig Martelle -Best Selling Science Fiction Writer

Winter 2018 Cohort Begins December 1st 2018



 You get lifetime acess to the Biz Ops Bootcamp for the early entry fee of $199 versus the regular price of $449.

My Guarantee

If your not 100% happy I will refund your money. Yes, you can go through the whole course and then ask for your money back.  

If your making mid-five figures from writing and you're currently a sole proprietor, what you learn to do with taxes and expenses will cover the fees of this course, then some! If you do the work and don't see that kind of result then you should get your money back.


 You get our Biz Ops Bootcamp for $449 (12 payments of $37.41). We run this course as a cohort over four weeks and therefore close the course. 

My Guarantee

If your not 100% happy I will refund your money. Yes, you can go through the whole course and then ask for your money back.  

If your making mid-five figures from writing and you're currently a sole proprietor, what you learn to do with taxes and expenses will cover the fees of this course, then some! If you do the work and don't see that kind of result then you should get your money back.

The Course is Currently Closed

 Don't fret. You can get on the waiting list for the next course by signing up here. The course is run over four weeks in a cohort. Three or four courses are held each year.

It won't take long if you follow our simple process. you'll learn to:

  • Incorporate your Business
  • Write an Operating Agreement, and Banking Resolution 
  • Apply for business bank accounts
  • Set up an accounting system
  • Organize your business documents with a clear-cut naming convention & filling system
  • Establish a plan for file backup and disaster recovery
  • Create a Non Disclosure Agreement for use with vendors like editors, ghostwriters, etc..
  • Prioritize your most important activities - Stop Chasing Butterflies
  • Develop a system to plan launch budgets and project marketing expenses
  • Register copyrights for existing works

What are you waiting for?