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Getting Started

It is highly suggested that you go through the module first then after you familiarize yourself with the process and have all your documents ready sit down and go through the process.  Every state is different and as such we have done our best to simplify the process and help you find the information you need.

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  1. Review the requirements for your state that you plan to register your business.
  2. Review that your Business Identity Summary has all the data necessary
  3. Set aside a couple of hours of quiet time to work go through the process and incorporate.
  4. If you run into issues stop the process and drop your questions into the office hours box.

Things to Keep in Mind

  •  Have time to walk through this process don’t rush it
  • Check ahead to find out if your state requires multiple step processes like name registration or a court filing.
  • Have a payment method ready if you are online a credit card for mail a personal check will work.
  • If you have trouble email or leave a question in Office Hours.
  • Save the emails you are sent if you register online and also keep an eye out in the mail for confirmation by mail.

 Some commonly used terms and what they mean

Foreign and Domestic Companies

This is relating to the state, not the country.  You are going to be registering a domestic company even if you are from overseas or not a resident of the state.

You register as a foreign company when you have already incorporated in a state and want it to be recognized to conduct business legally in another state. For example, You incorporated in Texas, but are going to do business in Illinois.  You would register your Texas LLC as a foreign LLC in Illinois.  You only need to register a foreign LLC if you are actively doing business in a state with an employee and an address in that state.  If you think for some reason you need to register as a foreign company explain the situation in the office hours section.

Registered Agent:

For most states, you need to be the following to be a Registered Agent

  • 18 years of age
  • Legal resident of the state
  • Available during business hours at the address used for the agent’s office

This can be you, but a human being needs to be available to be served documents by the state and others.  If you are really into your privacy you can pay for a registered agent.  I suggest being your own to keep costs down.

If you plan to incorporate in a state where you do not reside then you will need to contract with a registered agent in that state.


If your state requires paperwork to be mailed to be processed, You may have to wait a few weeks until you can continue your progress. 🙁




  1. Get your materials together from module two.  This should all be captured on your Business Identity Summary Sheet.
  2. If you are registering online have a form of payment like a credit card.  Keep a receipt this is an expense to the business that you should be reimbursed for after you set up your business accounts.

The Process of Incorporating :

Every state is different.  Rather than clog this page with all of the processes there is the Incorporation Resource Center where your state will be listed.

Use the Incorporation Resource Center to look up state-specific information.  Review the directions carefully if you have further questions leave those questions in the Office Hours Section.

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Incorporation Resource Center

In the next module, we will get the new company’s tax status set up to maximize your flexibility.